Friday, February 26, 2010

Mall Deals!

Sorry it has been so slow here on my blog. Things are good here ... just focused on clothes shopping for the kids more than groceries! So let me share some things I look for when I shop ...

Macy's - They have AMAZING clearance and has coupons out weekend for an additional % off. I found Tommy shirts for $5 each, new pair of jeans for $7.00, and some great Carter's shirts for the boys at $3.49 each.

JC Penny's - My friend, Gena, showed me her receipt last night. She found great clearance deals and her total savings was over $790! She only spent $49. This time of year (and July) is a great time to shop for clothes! Check out this $10/$25 coupon for bigger savings

The Children's Place - Michelle and I drive an hour to Altoona, IL, to The Children's Place. They have great quality clothes for great prices. Sign up for their birthday club for great coupons and always check their flyers in the mailbox and their emails for great deals! Always $5 shipping!

Gymboree - They have great clothes but a little pricey for me (I can't spend $30 on a pair of khakis for my boys). But their clearance is something to look at. Sometimes they have an in store special of an extra % off PLUS use a coupon for great savings. They have a new rewards card that is free to sign up for.

Kohl's - Always has great clearance and you can't beat Kohl's Cash! Check out their website and sign up for their emails. Sometimes they email out $5/$5 coupons - gotta love those savings!

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