Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 11: Rough Weekend

On Friday, my hubby and I took the kids to see Toy Story 3. Havyn and I saw it already but we had free passes and the movie was that good to see it twice. During the week, Havyn found an old Jessie doll I bought at a yard sale a year ago and has been playing with her a lot. The dog chewed on Jessie along with wear and tear and dirt. So Rob wanted to go get her a new one. Well, I wasn't shopping but I'll go along and help pick her out! Well that got me in the spirit of things ...

On Saturday, I took the kids to the Centre Hall Yards Sales where deals where galore! I thought I was doing great - I didn't even spend $3.00 - but then I did set myself on a fast right?! Well, I broke it. I bought Havyn some books and Robby a little soccer toy. I didn't even think of it because it wasn't for me but for the kids (and it was only $3!!). But I need to reset here ...

My hubby suggested I restart. Good suggestion but I'm going to give this a grace period. So hopefully you will too. The big shopping day will be later this week. So I'm gearing up, focusing on purchasing items I will use for a stockpile, etc.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 8: Relearing how to shop!

So, on this quest of mine that I made myself do as I start to wonder why 40 days when all the clearance deals are coming out in July (thanks for letting me vent there), I need to teach myself to shop better.

I'm really good at spending all my money before the end of the month (that country song, To Much Month at the End of the Money, is my theme). So when these final days come, I find myself returning items for some extra cash or just swiping my debit card and hope my husband doesn't ask about that previous budgeted amount I went over on again.

Kara at recently sent out an email about my dilmea! Read on:

Andrea sent me several questions - one of here difficulties is meal planning. She plans for 2 weeks of meals at a time, but is finding herself out of money to go back and get the milk or items that she wants to stock up on during the next sale period.

Here is my opinion:

I have never been a fan of 2 week meal plans, for the same reason you described, you will still need more items as 'life happens' and you don't know if a better sale is coming in the next sale ads. I suggest making a 1 week meal plan. I do usually 4 days at a time. By the end of the 4 days, I will be needing milk or something, and that will allow me to possibly go to a different store to get what is on sale there.

We get paid every 2 weeks as well, once you get into the routine, it is quite simple to divide 1/2 your budget and spread it out. And don't worry if you spend over half one week, just don't leave it dry for the milk and extras you need to pick up.

PERFECT! I was planning on my HUGE shopping trip on Wednesday but I think I will just plan for a week and get what I need for up to 7 days!

So this is a start. But I just need to remember I don't have extra $$ to spend because I still have another week to go. So no Target or Country Stores ...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week One OVER! 32 days to go!

Well, today is the official week mark. On Tuesday, I went to CVS and Rite Aid and spent less than $5 out of pocket so that rocked and have tons of store credit for next weeks sales.

Yesterday my kids and I went to the berry farm and they had the cutest country store (add to list of weaknesses: Target, country stores). I love all the decorations and cute sayings. Well, there were a ton of them. I walked through once and that's it. My friend Tammy and I will be back out in September so my plan is to shop then. But the old me (before a week ago), would have purchased the couple of items she saw and then would try to sneak those receipts into the checkbook log. But, I didn't. Am I proud? Yes. Am I happy? Not really - they were really cute and I know where I want them in my house! But this is the purpose of this journey - to learn more self control.

So, today I have nothing planned. Just a lazy day home with the kids. I do love being a stay at home mom and homemaker for this reason. I don't need to get dressed, be somewhere, and be gone from my kids all day. The SAHM and homemaker is a 24 hour job that I wish I could take a break from sometimes but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 3, 4, 5 - Not to bad ...

So eventually I had to go to the store to buy groceries and had to go to Target.

I went to talk with only 20 minutes to spare so this help me 'wondering' around. They didn't have Pampers Baby Wipes on sale for $1.97 so that was a no go. Went and got the juice boxes on sale and a box of candy for the theater (we saw Toy Story 3 - SO SO good).

Later that day I went grocery shopping. Sticking to my list until the items were completely free after coupons, went awesome! It was $50 before coupons, and only $25 out of pocket for groceries until 6/30. I went through my pantry and deep freezer to figure out meals so we can spend less this month.

So its going pretty good! I have a strong urge to go to the local grocery store that doubles $1 coupon to see what I can get free but I'll hold off. That is where I can get into trouble too. Getting alot of things for under $1 actually added up. So I would have a pantry full of stuff that I really didn't need and spent the money I just should have saved. I know $.10 toothpaste was only $.10 but when I can get it free - why pay it!

This is where I think to myself - I'll donate it! And then I donate so much, I don't donate wisely. Meaning - I spend cash on items that I didn't need to donate when I needed to hold onto the cash for other items. When I wouldn't hold onto the cash, I would be going to my hubby within 5 days of payday asking for money because we were out of food. So I wasn't shopping in a good way. That is why I'm on this fast and teaching myself to shop again.

I will continue to donate items but at this time, I'm going to watch what I spend and see how I can share without going hungry myself.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes

Alot of new codes for wonderful free points!

Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes

Day 2 - My Jeep has a mind of her own!

Yesterday the boys and I were going to taking Wally to Petco for his bi-monthly grooming and going to run errands in town until Wally was finished. My goal was to get items I only needed at Target.
Target - that's my weakness. I could spend two hours in there, looking at all the great clearances, find amazing, cheap deals, and come out broke! So I was going to take this 40 day no shopping challenge on day two!
My good ole' Jeep Liberty (who I love because is paid off and lets me hit curbs without destroying her) must of read my mind because she broke down on exit 78b - never letting me out of Bellefonte! Oh she knows me so well. So, after the church secretary coming to save me and two toddler boys, a tow truck, and a new belt put on by a friend (who saved us $$ in labor cost), the car is home and I didn't go to Target.
I had to laugh while sitting their on Rt-220 broken down. My plan didn't go through and it was ok. So day two of my 40 shopping fast - PERFECT!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Challenge to Myself - a 40 day fast from shopping

I LOVE to shop! Ask my dad - I would need to touch or look at anything in the store since I was in Jr. High. My mom couldn't stand it so my dad took me shopping for my prom/homecoming dresses, etc.

Before I got married, I spent my whole paycheck at the mall. Bath and Body Works, Express, American Eagle - had it all! I remember my first paycheck after I got married I planned on buying a gift for my new husband. What a smack in the face when it had to go to bills!

So 11 years later, sometimes I'm still shocked when I run out of cash to spend. A trip to Target, to the dollar store, and then eventually to the grocery store left me empty pockets. Its amazing how fast $250 can go in one day!

So, after reading about how a lady took at 40 day fast from shopping, I felt this urge to give it a try. So, here are my rules ...

1) Only purchasing items needed!
2) No purchasing un-needed items unless totally free with coupons (so no more $.10 toothpaste for a while - I do have enough to scrub all of Zion's mouths for a couple of months so this is not a need)
3) Save the $40 spending cash I receive each pay period and deposit it into a checking account.
4) Quit purchasing items for other people (more detail later).
5) Do not go to nor host events that require purchasing unnecessary items.

So, I started this on vacation in Ocean City, MD, but that was easy. I don't need a cheap t-shirt or a shell with my name on in. But today was the first day I started. Here is how it went ...

Off to Giant to pick up some groceries as we have been on vacation. I was on a time crunch so it was easy to get it and get out! I was out of coffee so I stocked up due to a BOGO sale and $4 off in coupons!

Off to Walmart to pick up trash bags that I forgot a Giant. I have 60+ $2.00 off Pamper's wipes coupons left so I check Walmart each time I go as they are $1.97 each (I make $.03 off each one!). So I wiped off the shelves (26 boxes) and picked up trash bags. As I'm walking to the front, huge clearance racks in the aisles. Cute shoes for Havyn only $3! Oh my Goddaughter would look great in this outfit for $2! But I didn't - I didn't buy anything NOR touch anything. Just saw it and kept walking. I was proud of myself and I hope I can keep this stability for the next 39 days!

Keep checking back as I blog about my 40 fast adventure!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Huggies $3/1 packs!

If you have printed these before, they have been reset! Remember to print twice from each website!!

Diaper Clearance GLORE!

Its seems that Huggies and Pampers and Luvs are doing away with the MEGA packs (the middle range package between Jumbo and Boxed). So, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, etc are clearancing them out at 50% off!

For maximum savings, print off $3.00 Huggies coupons at and (print twice off each website) plus use any store coupons on top off it!

Also, the $2.00 coupon off of Pampers Wipes from Sunday's P&G insert is an awesome coupon! Use it at Target and Walmart this week for FREE wipes ($1.97 each tub) and at Rite Aid for $2.49 each (all Pampers wipes).

My stockpile is going to be packed with baby items for the summer!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Sell It, Toss It, Donate It

All You has a great article in their July magazine about how to sort your unwanted items to see what can be donated, sold, or just tossed. Pick up the newest copy at Walmart!

This is one I am doing -

Select the manufacturer and model at to find out how much money you can get for your retired phone. They even pay for shipping. I'm getting $5 for my old LG Chocolate! I think I will get a chocolate coffee from Starbucks when that comes in!

Weis Dollar Rewards - 6/6/10

When you purchased select P&G items, you can earn a coupon off your next order (OYNO).
When you purchase $25, get $5 or $35 get $10.

The GREAT thing about this deal is the coupon ALWAYS prints when you calculate with the BEFORE SALE prices.

For example:

Sale Price $11.99 Bounty 15 roll
Shelf Price $15.25

So, use the Shelf Price when calculating the PRICE deal! And don't forget those coupons! The great Buy One Get One coupons from the P&G Saver this Sunday will make an amazing deal!

And when you are at Weis, check out the $10 Future Friendly P&G Rebate tearpads!

Thanks to - check full forum here

Shelf Prices
$11.99 Bounty 15 roll --SP $15.25

$11.99 Charmin 12 mega or 24 big rolls --SP $14.99

$10.99 Tide liquid 100 oz., Powder 134-146 oz. --SP $15.19

2/$5 Dawn Dish Detergent 10.1-24 oz.-- SP $2.59 t $2.79

2/$5 Bounty Napkins (Forgot to get the price)

$13.99 Iams Dry Cat Food-7 or 8 lb --SP $15.89

$10.99 Tide Stain Release-34 ct. --SP $11.19

$5.99 Duracell Batteries -- (Couldn't find)

$6.99 Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color-- SP $8.29

$2.75 Always Pads or Liners or Tampax Tampons 12-22 ct., Liners 34-50 ct.-- SP $3.29 to $3.99

$4.49 Crest Pro Health Rinse-33.8 oz. or 3D Rinse-16 oz. --SP $5.59 to $5.99

2/$6 Crest Pro Health, 3D or Plus Toothpaste-5.8 or 6 oz.-- SP $3.75 to $3.89

$19.99 Pampers Big Pack Diapers-- SP $22.49

$9.99 Pampers Baby Wipes Value Pack-320 or 360 ct. refill --SP $10.49

$18.99 Prilosec OTC-28 ct.-- SP $20.99
The following are listed at $1 off, but does NOT list prices:
Gillette Venus Razors-- SP $7.99 to $12.19

Satin Care Shave -- SP $2.99

Gillette Fusion or New! Pro Glide--(Couldn't find them)

Gillette Bodywash-- SP $4.59

Gilette Fusion Hydra Gel -- SP $3.89

FREE Mousepad from Rite Aid

From hotcouponworld

Go to Home

Order the $12.99 photo mousepad, and have it shipped to your local Rite Aid store. Use promo code: FREEMSPD

Its an awesome Father's Day gift!!

Free Nabisco Cookies on Facebook

Make sure to read the details and get ready for that awesome coupon!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 Simples Steps to a Successful Garage Sale

I love summer for garage sales (I could do without the heat!)!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weis Rewards Card

Weis Market in Bellefonte, PA, is my favorite place to shop. Its not fancy (nor updated) but the crew is so nice, they welcome my coupons and my noisy kids. But I mostly support this store because I want it to stay in Bellefonte. We are a small town but lucky to have some big named stores in our community (Dollar General, CVS, Rite Aid, etc) and I want it to stay here.

So, if you live in Bellefonte, PA, let me share with you how to get great deals at Weis Markets -

1) Weis Rewards Card - If you do not have the updated version of the store savings card (released Fall 2009), stop by the Customer Service desk to request it. Its free and includes key ring cards and a wallet card that is necessary for the discount at Sheetz Gas Stations. Plus you don't want to miss out on a great sale due to the old key card not working correctly.

2) Updated your information - Weis mails out great coupons so log on to and register your card. You can update your information any time (coming soon) . The best coupon I got was for a free birthday cake around Robby's birthday in May!

3) With the gas rewards, you receive $.10 off each time you spend $50 in a transaction. To make sure I receive this reward to the max, I always have cashier ring up my groceries first THEN give them my Weis card. Time and time again, my pre-card total was over $50 and after the card only (not coupons yet), it gave me the $.10 off gas reward and my total was below $50. Then when I get my coupon savings, I pay way under $50 and get my Gas Reward!

4) Make sure you use your Weis Rewards Card when doing WIC transactions. Sometimes you can earn great coupons (Catalinas) and plus when the Bonus Rewards come around, you can earn points!

Happy Shopping!