Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weis Rewards Card

Weis Market in Bellefonte, PA, is my favorite place to shop. Its not fancy (nor updated) but the crew is so nice, they welcome my coupons and my noisy kids. But I mostly support this store because I want it to stay in Bellefonte. We are a small town but lucky to have some big named stores in our community (Dollar General, CVS, Rite Aid, etc) and I want it to stay here.

So, if you live in Bellefonte, PA, let me share with you how to get great deals at Weis Markets -

1) Weis Rewards Card - If you do not have the updated version of the store savings card (released Fall 2009), stop by the Customer Service desk to request it. Its free and includes key ring cards and a wallet card that is necessary for the discount at Sheetz Gas Stations. Plus you don't want to miss out on a great sale due to the old key card not working correctly.

2) Updated your information - Weis mails out great coupons so log on to www.weismarkets.com and register your card. You can update your information any time (coming soon) . The best coupon I got was for a free birthday cake around Robby's birthday in May!

3) With the gas rewards, you receive $.10 off each time you spend $50 in a transaction. To make sure I receive this reward to the max, I always have cashier ring up my groceries first THEN give them my Weis card. Time and time again, my pre-card total was over $50 and after the card only (not coupons yet), it gave me the $.10 off gas reward and my total was below $50. Then when I get my coupon savings, I pay way under $50 and get my Gas Reward!

4) Make sure you use your Weis Rewards Card when doing WIC transactions. Sometimes you can earn great coupons (Catalinas) and plus when the Bonus Rewards come around, you can earn points!

Happy Shopping!

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