Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Challenge to Myself - a 40 day fast from shopping

I LOVE to shop! Ask my dad - I would need to touch or look at anything in the store since I was in Jr. High. My mom couldn't stand it so my dad took me shopping for my prom/homecoming dresses, etc.

Before I got married, I spent my whole paycheck at the mall. Bath and Body Works, Express, American Eagle - had it all! I remember my first paycheck after I got married I planned on buying a gift for my new husband. What a smack in the face when it had to go to bills!

So 11 years later, sometimes I'm still shocked when I run out of cash to spend. A trip to Target, to the dollar store, and then eventually to the grocery store left me empty pockets. Its amazing how fast $250 can go in one day!

So, after reading about how a lady took at 40 day fast from shopping, I felt this urge to give it a try. So, here are my rules ...

1) Only purchasing items needed!
2) No purchasing un-needed items unless totally free with coupons (so no more $.10 toothpaste for a while - I do have enough to scrub all of Zion's mouths for a couple of months so this is not a need)
3) Save the $40 spending cash I receive each pay period and deposit it into a checking account.
4) Quit purchasing items for other people (more detail later).
5) Do not go to nor host events that require purchasing unnecessary items.

So, I started this on vacation in Ocean City, MD, but that was easy. I don't need a cheap t-shirt or a shell with my name on in. But today was the first day I started. Here is how it went ...

Off to Giant to pick up some groceries as we have been on vacation. I was on a time crunch so it was easy to get it and get out! I was out of coffee so I stocked up due to a BOGO sale and $4 off in coupons!

Off to Walmart to pick up trash bags that I forgot a Giant. I have 60+ $2.00 off Pamper's wipes coupons left so I check Walmart each time I go as they are $1.97 each (I make $.03 off each one!). So I wiped off the shelves (26 boxes) and picked up trash bags. As I'm walking to the front, huge clearance racks in the aisles. Cute shoes for Havyn only $3! Oh my Goddaughter would look great in this outfit for $2! But I didn't - I didn't buy anything NOR touch anything. Just saw it and kept walking. I was proud of myself and I hope I can keep this stability for the next 39 days!

Keep checking back as I blog about my 40 fast adventure!


  1. I have to do you have over 60 coupons for wipes? How many papers do you buy?

  2. You can purchase coupons on
    Its a great website to check out to purchase certain coupons for pennies instead of all those inserts!