Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 3, 4, 5 - Not to bad ...

So eventually I had to go to the store to buy groceries and had to go to Target.

I went to talk with only 20 minutes to spare so this help me 'wondering' around. They didn't have Pampers Baby Wipes on sale for $1.97 so that was a no go. Went and got the juice boxes on sale and a box of candy for the theater (we saw Toy Story 3 - SO SO good).

Later that day I went grocery shopping. Sticking to my list until the items were completely free after coupons, went awesome! It was $50 before coupons, and only $25 out of pocket for groceries until 6/30. I went through my pantry and deep freezer to figure out meals so we can spend less this month.

So its going pretty good! I have a strong urge to go to the local grocery store that doubles $1 coupon to see what I can get free but I'll hold off. That is where I can get into trouble too. Getting alot of things for under $1 actually added up. So I would have a pantry full of stuff that I really didn't need and spent the money I just should have saved. I know $.10 toothpaste was only $.10 but when I can get it free - why pay it!

This is where I think to myself - I'll donate it! And then I donate so much, I don't donate wisely. Meaning - I spend cash on items that I didn't need to donate when I needed to hold onto the cash for other items. When I wouldn't hold onto the cash, I would be going to my hubby within 5 days of payday asking for money because we were out of food. So I wasn't shopping in a good way. That is why I'm on this fast and teaching myself to shop again.

I will continue to donate items but at this time, I'm going to watch what I spend and see how I can share without going hungry myself.

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