Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week One OVER! 32 days to go!

Well, today is the official week mark. On Tuesday, I went to CVS and Rite Aid and spent less than $5 out of pocket so that rocked and have tons of store credit for next weeks sales.

Yesterday my kids and I went to the berry farm and they had the cutest country store (add to list of weaknesses: Target, country stores). I love all the decorations and cute sayings. Well, there were a ton of them. I walked through once and that's it. My friend Tammy and I will be back out in September so my plan is to shop then. But the old me (before a week ago), would have purchased the couple of items she saw and then would try to sneak those receipts into the checkbook log. But, I didn't. Am I proud? Yes. Am I happy? Not really - they were really cute and I know where I want them in my house! But this is the purpose of this journey - to learn more self control.

So, today I have nothing planned. Just a lazy day home with the kids. I do love being a stay at home mom and homemaker for this reason. I don't need to get dressed, be somewhere, and be gone from my kids all day. The SAHM and homemaker is a 24 hour job that I wish I could take a break from sometimes but I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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