Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 2 - My Jeep has a mind of her own!

Yesterday the boys and I were going to taking Wally to Petco for his bi-monthly grooming and going to run errands in town until Wally was finished. My goal was to get items I only needed at Target.
Target - that's my weakness. I could spend two hours in there, looking at all the great clearances, find amazing, cheap deals, and come out broke! So I was going to take this 40 day no shopping challenge on day two!
My good ole' Jeep Liberty (who I love because is paid off and lets me hit curbs without destroying her) must of read my mind because she broke down on exit 78b - never letting me out of Bellefonte! Oh she knows me so well. So, after the church secretary coming to save me and two toddler boys, a tow truck, and a new belt put on by a friend (who saved us $$ in labor cost), the car is home and I didn't go to Target.
I had to laugh while sitting their on Rt-220 broken down. My plan didn't go through and it was ok. So day two of my 40 shopping fast - PERFECT!

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