Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tip: Hoilday Candy

On, there are coupons for Valentine themed candies. I always clip these and then the day after a holiday, I see what I can get dirt cheap! You can always use these candies for birthday goody bags or even separate the colors out for the next holiday (like Christmas was green & red so serve red at Valentines and green at St. Pat's day). Plus, who doesn't love a cold Hershey kiss out of the fridge (they are in my butter compartment at my house).

Sometimes I even by the Valentines cards on clearance and keep them for a rainy day craft. Havyn and I did a gingerbread train the other day that I got for $2 and I have a ton of egg dye kits that I got for $.10 at CVS last year for this year. I store all this above the most inconvenient cabinet in my house - the one above the fridge. I need to get up there soon to see what I have stored away. Oh ... I love surprises!

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