Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stinks at Blogging but HASN'T GIVEN UP

So, its 8 days past by last post and I'm sure some have thought, "well she lasted a while - good try" BUT NO! I have done so good this week its about time I logged it!

Today is day 19 and I'm almost half way done. I'm glad but I have also enjoyed this adventure.

These past two weeks I have caught myself just getting what I need and walking out. That's hard for me as I love clearance bins and extra sale items. But sticking to my list helped alot.

I did go to the local grocery store that doubles $1 to see what I could get free that wasn't on my list and I did well. So well I was able to share my lot with a new friend!

And at first, I said I wasn't going to buy gifts for others. Well, I have but its been because I have extra money because I have been blessed. Because I stick to my list, shop the sales, plan only a week ahead instead of two, I'm able to really save money! Its GREAT!

So, day 19, I have $80 left in my wallet, a full fridge and pantry, and no plans :) This is a big accomplishment for me! I usually have $3 and think how I can get more cash. So, this has been good for me!

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