Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Shop Weis' Sales

I have been reading about this great way to save more at Weis but wanted to try it first before I shared.
When Weis has their Weis Dollar Rewards where you buy so much and get a coupon at checkout (catalina coupon) for $xx of your next purchase, the prices are based on the REGULAR shelf price, not the sale!
For example -
Weis Dollar Rewards - Purchase $20 worth of participating Kelloggs products and receive $7.00 on your next order.
So ...
I purchased 6 boxes of Frosted Flakes (23oz). The shelf price was $3.69/each. The sale price was $2.50/each.
6 boxes @ $3.69 = $22.14 (notice over $20)
- sale price ($7.14)
- coupons (from inside a previous purchase box) of $5.00
= $10 paid out of pocket & received the $7 on your next order coupon!!!
NOTICE - I didn't pay $20 out of pocket for the cereal for the coupon NOR did I pay $15 when using my coupons. I only paid $10 because I purchased enough boxes at regular price to reach the $20 needs for the coupon.

I did this on two other transactions - one again with the cereal and one with the P&G deal.

The Weis Dollar Rewards on participating P&G items - purchase $35 and receive $10 on your next deal.
I purchased -
Bounty 15 roll pack - $14.99
Charmin 12 roll pack - $14.45
Crest toothpaste - $3.29
Crest toothpaste - $3.29
Total before sale prices and coupons = $36.02
Price after sale & coupons = $17.61 + $10 coupon on your next order
AND I will submit the receipt for the $10 Gift Card (link here)

Great shopping week at Weis!!

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