Thursday, March 4, 2010

No-Yolk's Rebate

I pick up these noodles often because they are $1.49 in store and with the $.75 coupons doubled - makes it FREE! Well, make it a MONEY MAKER with this rebate!

To receive rebate offer, up to 2.50 for the purchase of no yolks egg noodles you must: buy one no yolks product between 2/21/10 and 5/31/10, mail original form along with original UPC from product package and original store cash register receipt, with your product purchase price circled must be postmarked by midnight 6/30/10.

goes to :
CMS Rebate center
No yolks rebate
Program # Store 0909
Po Box 426008
Del Rio,TX 78842-6008

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