Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Using Your Weis Rewards to the MAX!

As of Saturday, March 27, the Weis Rewards will be finished for this time period.

Some tips to MAXIMUM results -

  • Check your last receipt to see that point level you are at. See if you are close to the next level to make a small purchase before making your HUGE purchase for big savings!
  • Use your free coupons! Pull those FREE coupons and use them for this purchase! You will receive a percentage off for the item you will get FREE after coupon! I did this with Hanover Bean coupons I had been saving. I made .30 off each one.
  • Have the cashier ring up your items first, then give her your Club Card, and then ask to redeem your rewards before your coupons! You will receive a percentage off of your purchase price before coupons! I got $7.00 off (add 10% discount) today and only paid $38 due to this method.
They should do this program again in the summer! It is my favorite store deal around!

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