Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Clearances

Christmas items at most stores are at 75% or more at this time! Take a moment when you go to a store (Wal-Mart, Target, Weis, Rite Aid, etc) to see what is left. I have picked up alot of Glade Plug-Ins and Oil Candles for under $1.50 each and I had $3/2 coupons that made them free!
Items to look for that might be on Christmas Clearance that you can pair with a coupon -
  • Coffee Creamers (flavors like Gingerbread, Eggnog)
  • Pillsbury Christmas Cookies (I got the large size of Gingerbread at Giant PA last week for$1.99 and had a $1/1 coupon that doubled)
  • Glade - Plug-Ins, candles, air freshers
  • Food items - There are certain box from Kelloggs that have "Toy Tokens" on them. Collect 5 token and mail them in for a $10 Toy Cash Voucher (which is a $10 check to cash)! I got Kellogg's Holiday Rice Krispes tonight at $2.50 a box x 5 = $12.50 - $2 coupons = $10.50 - $10 rebate check = 5 boxes for $.50 total! Not a great deal but we LOVE those things in this house! I noticed Target had some of the crackers on clearance where if you bought 5 of them at $1.67 you would make money after the rebate check ($10 - $8.35 = $1.65 MM). The rebate is good until 12/31/10. Click here for details!
  • Items good for anytime of the year - Buy the Holiday Hershey Kisses (red, silver, green) and use the red and silver for Valentines Day and the green for St. Patrick's :) I also bought red plates for my mom's group tonight at $.60 each that we can use anytime!!
So, remember to glance over those great clearances after each holiday!

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