Monday, January 18, 2010

Easy Money Maker at CVS

Three Simple Steps
  1. Scan your Extra Care Bucks Card at the Coupon Scanner inside CVS (in Bellefonte, PA - its by the greeting cards). You will receive a coupon for $1 off any CVS Pain reliever.
  2. Walk over to the trial sizes and pick up the $.50 CVS Cough drops (I got the cherry flavor).
  3. At check out, you will get a $1.00 off this $.50 item making a $.50 overage!!
I highly suggest using this with another purchase because getting money from the cashier without paying 'anything' won't go over well in some cases. But this is one way to find easy MM (money makers) at CVS!

1 comment:

  1. They caught on! It went to scan for another one and it is now $1 off any pain reliever $2 or more :( Oh well, once was fun!!!