Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get the most out of your WIC checks!

Some of us gals qualify for WIC which gives us a great break on milk, fruits and veggies, and lots more. You can get more than what you check states and this is how:

  • 16 oz whole grains - Watch the sale ads for Buy One Get One free deals. Two weeks at Weis, the Arnold breads were BOGO. Arnold 100% Whole Wheat is on the WIC list so I got two loafs instead of one.
  • 1 lb cheese - Weis often puts their own brand block cheese BOGO. Get 2 lbs free instead of one!
  • This week at Giant, I used their coupon for save $2 off $5 any fresh produce. I use this coupon with each $6 check along with adding BOGO on strawberries! I got maximum savings this week!
  • You can use coupons with WIC checks but they aren't valuable to you unless they are BOGO coupons. So keep those $1.00 off Cheerios for another purchase.

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