Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pitt/Philly Papers

Hey Coupon Girls -
I heard that Uni-Mart filed for bankruptcy so they may be shutting down around the area in the next few months. So, will you help me talk it up to Ingram's about getting the Philly/Pitts papers? I'm thinking about writing a letter to the manager to let him know this would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Where is Ingrams? Is this the other gas station at the Y in Zion?

  2. Will do... . it may help if you have a dozen or so signatures on your letter too, Sarah... I wouldn't mind signing it :)

  3. It is located in the 'Y' in Zion.
    Lots of signatures would be great! Going to do that and bring it to the MOPS meetig!